A Quick Fix to Pogo Game Loading Issues

For those who love playing games online, Pogo.com is like heaven. The online gaming portal is loaded with a number of games ranging. From puzzles, casinos, board to amazing word games, you can choose from more than 100 casual games. The best part of the Pogo games is that you don’t need to spend even a penny to play all these fabulous games. However, if you want to play the games without being interrupted by any ad, then you can sign up for Club Pogo. This subscription will not only make you get rid of such advertisements, but also provide you some premium benefits.

These exciting Pogo games are compatible with both Windows and Mac OS. But like any other software, Pogo also requires some specific system requirements in order to run smoothly. To ensure the compatibility of your PC, you can run Pogo Compatibility Scan Tool on to your device. Besides having everything perfect, it may happen that the Pogo games, including the most popular one, Thud won’t load. This could be the most frustrated situation for the gamers. To get rid of this issue, all you need to do is try one of the following solutions:

Clear your browser’s cache memory and tech cache

Cache memory stores some data or information of the websites we visit on the browser. This could be one of the reasons that you are not able to play your favorite Pogo game. Simply clear the cache memory for Java games as well as Flash games by following the on-screen instructions of your browser and try playing the game again.

Try playing the game in some other browser

Though Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer are the three most popular web browsers, but you can try playing the game in some other browser. And if you are playing the game and it is not loading then it may be possible that the IE is not working smoothly with the Java version installed.

Shift + Refresh

Another solution could be holding the shift key and refreshing the page simultaneously. This will force the browser clear cache memory and load the asked page i.e. the Pogo game.

However, if any of the aforementioned solutions is not working, you can simply contact the Pogo customer support and get the issue resolved by a certified technician. This Pogo support will be given instantly.

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Microsoft & Box: The two rivals are together

microsoft-windows-7-boxAccording to the announcement made on Tuesday, Microsoft (leaving behind the battle) has joined hands with one of its competitors named Box. The two firms have become partners to work on the cloud-computing technology in an attempt to get ahead in the emerging business and now the combined firm will work to combine their products and further sell the combined services.

However, Microsoft has rejected helping a rival in the past years, but Under CEO Satya Nadella’s leadership, the company has started working with its competitors instead of ignoring them to attract the customers.

Scott Guthrie, executive vice president of the company’s cloud and enterprise group, told The Wall Street Journal that the aforementioned statement specifies that Microsoft has really changed over the past three or four years.

Both Microsoft and Box offer web-based storage services for the customers through its Azure platform, which is an open and flexible cloud computing device. Microsoft’s Azure services provide a technical platform which allows the companies such as Box to run their services and offer their products, along with its own cloud-computing services like One Drive online service, etc.

Aaron Levie, the co-founder and CEO of Box said that ‘Box also plans to utilize Microsoft’s AI (artificial-intelligence) technology to help customers to carry out the tasks such as file sharing, videos searching, translation and storage services, other similar activities online.

The two have been working together (on other capacities) from last one year, but now one more agreement has been also made between the two to make the Box’s tools to work in a better way with Microsoft Office.

The partnership opens up markets for Box by providing the customers with the benefits to keep their data stored in their native countries. The company’s Box zones service that was introduced in April 2016 to concern data-sovereignty problems is now available in eight countries. “The new partnership also provides in-region storage facility in six more countries as well as allows Box to access the benefits of Microsoft Azure’s global footprint” said by a box spokesman.

Mr. Levie said “We have to come up as the best brand to rise in this competitive world along with developing our website across the businesses, because if you are not able to defeat the competitors in this rapid world you don’t get to have the network effects.” He also said that the collective sales effort will start within a short period of time followed by the technology integration that is estimated to come up over the coming two quarters.

At last Mr. Levie said that he has noticed and really appreciated Microsoft’s “new tone and tenor” behavior, which makes the firm to work with its competitors present in this technical world instead of fighting with them.

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HP Printers Prone to Memory-Based Threats

According to Paul McKiernan, the print security advisor at HP Inc. (an American technology company) the cyber-attacks using printers as an intrusion vector are growing rapidly in today’s technical era.

McKiernan at Info security Europe 2017 said that, this year we have reported more incidents (about printer’s insecurity) in comparison to the last year. For instance: last night, a memory corruption error has been noticed by a user in Denmark. The device has been seen instantly and the user spotted and informed the IT department about it but was not connected to a SIM and viewed by a SOC (an integrated circuit that integrates all components of a computer or other electronic systems).

“Though they were not able to find the root cause of the problem yet succeeded in execution of their incident response plan, disconnecting the device, penetrating inside and protecting information from getting being lost and further monitoring the device to find the cause from where the hazards have been come and then shutting down that attack vector. Hence, the thing done was right but it should be automated. Last night a similar attack at the close of business was also reported by a large private Danish firm.”

McKiernan noted an uneven pattern which signifies that the local transport organization was clearly very aware about the issue that printers might be an attack vector (a path by which a hacker can gain access to a device or server in order to deliver a malicious outcome) but the overseas ministries of defense who has been visited during Info Sec 2017 are unaware about the same, he also noted how the problem was rapidly appearing on a large number of organization’s radars.

It was stated that the similar threats which were generally targeting the businesses by searching the weakest link in their infrastructure that can be the incoming or outgoing points, propagation nodes or others, are also challenging the printer’s security.

Therefore McKiernan suggested the users to concern the integration of mainstream cyber-security tools into their printers at the time of purchasing, along with making other decisions such as best and affordable prices, specifications, etc. and advised not to think printers a simple commoditized device.

The print security advisor, McKiernan also notify that it has become necessary to be familiar with the business procedure and the workflow and also finding out the weak points in the path of the printers of the organizations, as even a large number of vulnerable scanning devices are not able to provide the complete details about the various risks in printing or that are faced by the printers.

McKiernan also said that a hacker could more easily execute malicious software on the printers instead of the computer and can even wait until the document is printed carrying malware instructions to be employ to other devices further, as we usually not at all or very less monitor our printers with comprehensive information security for your whole company going to our SIEM (security information and event management). Hence, One-time intrusion detection scans is surely required for these types of things.

CISO cyber- security needs to be aware that the memory-based hazards are growing rapidly. Lots of reports in the media of printers with open internet connections are identified using SHODAN (Sentient Hyper-Optimized Data Access Network) and published by Stackoverflow (the largest online community for programmers to advance, learn, share their knowledge, to enhance their careers), which highlights the issue to both the potential victim as well as attacker.

McKiernan noted that “though the company is creating awareness of the problem among a large number of folk and started the procedure by sending messages along with embedded code to send a screen message, to almost 150,000 Open internet users by making use of genuine functionality yet don’t accepting the fact “this action is especially for public service.”

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Best Free 2017 Antivirus Programs

In today’s world, it is important to stay safe on internet. Hackers and scammers are making it difficult though and computers are becoming prey and infected. Due to phishing and malware various programs that we user online like Adobe Flash Player have become a nightmare. Additionally, one of the safest email sites like Gmail is also under attack.

When there are so many threats on Internet, the users should do our best to stay safe and protect our data and information from malicious third parties. If you don’t have a corporate computer then its not compulsory to purchase an expensive antivirus program, whereas purchasing a regular one would be fine. Lets have a look on top 7 free antivirus 2017 program.

Avira: are you looking for one of the most amazing antivirus suite, that provide security from all internet nightmare? If yes, then Avira is for you. Easy to access on browsers like Chrome and Firefox, it scans the traffic and does not allow any malicious file to enter into your system.

Avast: Avast Antivirus is one of the most effective antivirus suite. If updated properly it provides excellent security to your computer from various malicious files. It is free to use and can be accessed by anyone easily.

BitDefender: BitDefender is another famous household names for the antivirus software. Easy to install and access this antivirus is one of the best antivirus suite. BitDefender provide safety from hackers, cybercrimes and other malicious attacks.

AVG: AVG recently has undergone the massive change. One of the well-known anti-viruses it maintains the security of your computer. This antivirus is recommended for its user-friendliness and exceptional features.

Cybereason: Cybereason specialized in blocking ransomware attacks. Keep your antivirus suite updated and it will encounter the ransomware attacks. Also, it protects your computer from malicious files.

Malwarebyte: Malwarebyte protects your computer and secure it from malware attacks. It provides great protection to your computer from hackers and scammers.

Sophos: Sophos Antivirus mimics about the expensive programs that the corporate companies are using on their computers. Its not only free but also accessible. source: http://technical-support-helpline.blogspot.in/2017/06/best-free-2017-antivirus-programs.html

What is Canon Printer Ink Variations and How Do They Work?

Canon manufactures various styles of printers created specifically for photography and all told these totally different variations image quality is of the foremost vital importance. There are many totally different technologies that they use to accomplish this, every betting on the kind of printer concerned, and thus every use varied differing kinds of ink. There are many totally different designs concerned for Canon printer ink. For more details http://www.yourpcassistant.com/blog/what-is-canon-printer-ink-variations-and-how-do-they-work/

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