McAfee technical support for your Computer

McAfee is one of the best independent cyber security companies. It senses the threats of virus, cyber-crimes and malwares, and then protects your computer by solving and cleaning them out. It has merged with the Intel in 2010, but has later sold most of its shares to TPG. McAfee locates its headquarter at Santa Clara, California.

Mcafee is primarily a security program for computers, but now it has also been developed for mobiles. McAfeww Live Safe is the combine anti-virus solution for 30 devices including the windows PC, MAC OS, android smartphones, tablets, i-phones and i-pads, etc., which you can experience for free for a year.

Generally for any set, you are allowed to experience a trial for a couple of months, and then decide whether to continue using or not. McAfee works on a lot of things such as protecting you from the online treats, and virus, prevention of dangerous downloading, or from accessing on suspicious websites, and files backup in save cloud storage and so on. Thus McAfee became all the more essential to detect quarantines, block viruses & malware, and prevent damage keeping zero-day threats & botnets away.

If in case, you come across with any sort of problem while using the program, we ensure you with 24*7 availability to provide you with the utmost solution to the issues you are facing, with the best Mcafee customer support we can provide. Some of the common problems you may face are errors in the internet or other sites such as mal functioning or no appearance of certain buttons or banners, mal functioning of the monitor/screen, changes in the web Browser’s default homepage etc.

For all these matters, you will be provided with unlimited McAfee technical support with ease. We will help you with the troubleshooting guidelines at all times for we will be always available to fix an issue, despite the severity.

We provide you with the McAfee customer service phone number, where we help you out with the issues with McAfee by all means. Please bear in mind that next time the McAfee troubles you; we will be simply a call away. Call us on McAfee support phone number for any technical help. With the pledge of the top-notch support, we are always ready to adhere to your concerns and queries making your life easier.


Webroot Customer Service

Webroot is a cyber-security program introduced by the company Webroot Inc. headquartered at Broomfield, Colorado, The United States. While using a computer, if you do not administer, look after and manage it often, it may result in the worst scenario, formatting.

Webroot System Analyzer simply analyses the programs that can potentially cause harm such as hardware, software and the malwares, etc. To begin with, Webroot is a handy program as it is portable in the USB, where you can carry anywhere and use it without the downloading process. It is able to analyze with ease and speed through simple operating system, hard-disk configuration, connected device, process, memory, and network, etc. The result of the inspection will be displayed in a manner easy for the customers to understand. The speed of the scanning and installing is super-fast. This has been of one the growing features and finally a very prominent one in the 2016 edition of Webroot Secure Anywhere Antivirus. One is provided with a free trial period for about a few months to experience the Webroot Secure Anywhere Antivirus and then decide whether to continue using it or not according to your will.

However, you may encounter one or the other problems while using the Webroot program. It could be anything for example, Webroot not being able to detect and scan all the malwares’ attack properly, no automatic frequent scanning, jams due to large amount of CPU usage and so on. At the time you face such Webroot problems and to prevent your system from such happenings, call us for Webroot customer support right away. We at Webroot support will perform checkups and deletions on your system, as some spywares get downloaded unknowingly by simply accessing various websites.

Our certified Webroot professionals always suggest deleting unnecessary files and programs, etc. All you have to do is reach out by call or chat to us with no hesitation. We, at Webroot customer service and Webroot technical support provide 24*7 services to help and ease out Webroot usage for you. Be it any query and issue relating to Webroot program, our Webroot executives will troubleshoot with great pleasure.

We support and respect all the Webroot customers who reach out to us, and therefore we can confidently say that we will provide you with the top-notch Webroot solutions, pleasure and satisfaction with the highly trained Webroot support team for all matters also including the Webroot billing and Webroot technical problems, etc. Please bear in mind that next time the Webroot Secure Anywhere Antivirus troubles you; we will be simply a call away.



As technology is growing, computers are becoming a substantial part of our regular lives.  However, along with such development, there is something that can threaten us or hinder us from making the optimum use of technology – a virus. This phenomena has led to a lot of antivirus software to be introduced, and one of the representative ones is the ‘AVG Antivirus’.

After you have decided to get antivirus installed in your computer, you may wonder which one to download. AVG antivirus technical support will be waiting for you. AVG has a long history of functioning as a global leading company of security against viruses. It is an effective solution for ceasing viruses when operating the windows, the hypothetical driver which gets loaded on memory, plays the major role and protects the personal or corporal PC, server, and network. The user can use the convenient and handy scheduler feature to automatically do the scanning regularly. If infected by virus, it will remove it safely. Even if the virus is not removed the infected file can be stored until the user decides to do so. Moreover, if it is impossible to treat, like a new virus, it will be kept in a particular coded folder, and be treated later when a new restoration or remedy is introduced. AVG offers you a free version, as per your requirement. It now offers a stronger and safer security solution to corporal level as well called the business edition. This is a crucial point to note as usually business documents involve confidentiality at a higher level. As the encouraging spec is intel pantium, one can comfortably use whether it in the old model PC or recent model PC, moreover, from most of the PC environment, one can materialize the web security as it supports all  browsers including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc. AVG supports most of the languages which makes it comfortable for the user to use it internationally. Significant merit is that, while most free vaccines do not provide a separate A/S, one can get a call technological support through the AVG technological support team. The high security level allows one to use it with relief at personal and even at the corporal level. The Software’s best advantage is that it offers seamless functions. From the basic scanning of virus and malware technique to e-mail and websites scanning-shielding feature, the list is endless.

AVG ensures the best possible functions for your computer’s safety with a profound satisfaction.


How To Fix Error Microsoft Office Setup?

Microsoft Office, the single suite of applications, programs and server is the need of almost all the users. The MS Office alone is enough to perform a number of tasks like creating well-managed files, spreadsheets, presentations, sending emails and more, without a hassle. Downloading, installing and activating MS Office doesn’t require you to be a professional. Following some simple steps that have been provided at are enough to get it installed and activate.

Like any other software, there are chances that you may find an issue in MS Office as well. For the first two operations, i.e. downloading and installing, you just need to select the right MS Office version, which is compatible with your Windows or Mac OS. Whereas in MS Office setup, the errors could be many and the most common one has been provided below:

  • The downloaded MS Office package could not be opened

This error could be due to a registry conflict, which happens if the registry still contains the Microsoft Windows Installer information from the previously installed Microsoft Office. To resolve this error, follow the below mentioned steps:

  1. Download Windows Installer Cleanup Utility from Microsoft
  2. Execute the program
  3. Once the program is installed to your device, open it to remove a particular program (Windows Installer information) from your system
  4. Click OK
  5. Try executing the Microsoft Office Setup again
  • Not able to locate MS Office product key

The MS Office setup also requires a key for the activation. If you have purchased it online, the key is available in the MS Office package in a notepad file named “Serial”. Copy it from that file and paste it when asked during the setup activation.

The aforementioned error and the solution are irrespective of the MS Office version. If you are facing any other issue except then this, contact Microsoft setup customer support number and get an instant solution by a certified technician.

Why I Am Unable to Install McAfee Total Protection?

McAfee’s antivirus as well as other security solutions, has been widely renowned for consistent and continuous protection against online threats, frauds, Trojan horses and scams. A user can purchase an antivirus depending upon the specific needs of their home and business PCs. The difference in a number of McAfee antivirus software is based on the level of security a user needs for a particular computer system, laptop or mobile phone. However, there may be some users who require the same level of security for a number of computer systems. To meet this requirement, McAfee has come up with McAfee Total Protection.

McAfee Total Protection, the ultimate identity protection software covers up your whole family under highly advanced online protection. This will help you save money as you need only one antivirus instead of purchasing an individual antivirus to secure every device you own. Other key features of the McAfee Total Protection include the following:

  • Password manager for five users
  • Anti-spam or Anti-phishing filtering
  • Secure file storage
  • Personal firewall
  • Complete Device Optimization
  • Protection for unlimited devices
  • Antivirus or SiteAdvisor to ensure safe browsing
  • Protection for PC/Mac/Tablet/Mobile Phone
  • McAfee file lock
  • Parental locks
  • Centrally managed
  • Malicious app block
  • Control network access

Once you purchase and then download the McAfee Total Protection, it requires a series of steps to be followed for its successful installation. And while installing it on your Windows PC, the McAfee Total Protection may display one of these below mentioned messages:

  • Unable to continue installation. We are having trouble installing your McAfee software because of this. Error 0
  • Something went wrong with the installation. We are having trouble installing your McAfee software. Contact McAfee Support and mention problem code 0.

If you are also facing any of these errors, don’t panic, as this article will provide you a complete solution for troubleshooting this error. T most obvious solution is to retry installing this Total Security. If it doesn’t work, then follow the below mentioned process to fix this error manually:

  • Once the error occurs, click ok to close the dialogue box
  • Download the pre-install tool and save it on your desktop
  • Run the file by double-clicking over the setup file and follow the on-screen instructions
  • Click ok to agree the terms and conditions
  • Once the installation finishes, restart your device
  • Now, try installing the McAfee Total Protection again

Other solutions include:

  1. Run the McAfee Virtual Technician
  2. Re-download the installation package
  3. Resolve the DNS (Domain Name Server) error, if any
  4. The installation error 0 could also occur if your device specifications are low that the minimum specifications needed to get McAfee Total Protection installed. Check them out carefully and try installing it again.

If the problem still persists, contact the McAfee customer support and get an instant solution by a certified technician.